DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) - Derby Public Schools announced that 94 individuals were identified as close contacts after the district learned of two positive COVID-19 cases at Derby High School.

The district said in a statement to KAKE News that those who should quarantine include individuals in the classroom with the positive case, identified members of the JV/varsity football team and the entire freshman football team.

Throughout the day the Sedgwick County Health Department worked to identify the close contacts further so as to not take out more individuals from school than necessary.

Anyone who received a follow up message from the district does not have to quarantine and are able to return to school.

The full statement:

Earlier today, Derby High School was made aware of two positive cases, which required directing many students and staff to initially quarantine both in classrooms and the entire football team. Throughout the day and into this evening, the Sedgwick County Department investigated the close contacts further. Close contact identification is decided in partnership with the Health Department. They erred on the side of caution removing possible close contacts from school today while working to ensure they had the opportunity to properly identify close contacts of the positive cases and not take more individuals out of school than necessary. A total of 94 individuals were identified as close contacts of the two positive cases at Derby High School and should follow quarantine guidance. This includes individuals in the classroom with the positive case, identified members of the JV/Varsity football team and the entire freshman football team. If you are receiving this follow-up message, this means you are allowed to return to school and do not have to quarantine. 

It is important we provide you accurate and thorough information. We would like to express our appreciation for your continued understanding and patience as COVID-19 continues to be an ever changing topic. As a reminder, in the event of any issue that affects student and staff health, safety or overall well-being, the notification first goes to families directly. For any COVID-19 cases (or any other communicable diseases) that may arise in the district, we consult and follow Sedgwick County Health Department’s direction and provide the necessary notification on a case-by-case basis. Close contacts will receive a phone call if they were exposed to an individual with a positive COVID-19 case. Derby Public Schools will also contact families/staff via email in the classroom of an individual who tested positive. It is important to know notification is prioritized by who is directly affected and identified as a close contact, followed by individuals who may have been in the same vicinity. Derby Public Schools will use this protocol when there is a COVID-19 positive case with one of our staff or students: