(KAKE) - Compassion Air arranges private flights for non-emergency medical patients when travel can seem daunting.

“They can’t afford to be in a car for long periods of time or can’t be on commercial airlines because their immune system is shot or they don’t have any self confidence to be around a bunch of people," said the groups founder, Christopher Yokley.

And that’s especially important now as COVID-19 makes travel even more difficult.

They've been operating for about three years, but have received more calls for service in the last three months than every before.

"Because people can’t fly on the regular commercial lines and they’re figuring out how much better we are for them to be able to get them there quicker, healthier, private, and they are much happier when they come out of our planes," said Yokley.

The groups founder created this organization because he has witnessed just how crucial a service like this is.

“My wife passed away in 2003 from breast cancer. And we went down to MD Anderson and we took 10-12 hour drives down there and that was taxing on her," said Yokley.

And now he honors her memory with every patient on every flight.

“We want them to feel relaxed, we want them to feel the compassion that we give to them as we’re flying," said Yokley.

“On behalf of DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers, we would like to recognize Compassion Air. Thank you for using your love of flying to get medical patients where they need to go to get the treatment that they need. Thank you so much, keep up the good work," said Richard James of DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers.

“Compassion Air would love to thank DeVaughn James and KAKE TV for the gracious donation they have given to us to help support the children and families on our quest to get patients to their next medical facilities. Thank you very much and we deeply appreciate it," said Yokley.