WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) --With issues of food insecurity growing in Wichita during the coronavirus pandemic, a new group is trying a grassroots idea to help.

The concept is called a community fridge. How it works is a local business or organization acts as a host site. Then members of the community stock the fridge with fresh produce, other food and supplies for anyone to take.

ICT Community Fridge project started earlier this month and has already placed their first fridge at Dead Center Vintage in downtown.

Lazarus Massey, who co-owns Dead Center Vintage, believes its a no-brainier for them to help out. “The more we help each other as a community, the stronger we grow. I would encourage everyone who can have a fridge, to do so.”

Tajahnae Stocker, who is organizing the project, says this is not about charity but community members helping each other out.

She says, “I want people to stop framing Wichita communities as less fortunate and start looking at them as neighbors. So you wake up and put food in the fridge for your neighbor, not for anybody who is less fortunate than you.”

Stocker is looking to add more fridges throughout the city in the coming weeks

If you are interested in being a host site or donated, you can visit their social media pages or their GoFundMe site.