(KAKE) - A nonprofit in Abilene already knew what it meant to be a good neighbor. But the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to change how they put it into action.

Neighbor To Neighbor is a safe home for women of all walks of life in Abilene and Dickinson County.

They provide lunch, hygiene services, and laundry facilities to women and their children in need.

“A place where women are able to increase their skills in maybe just socialization or baking, cooking,” said Sister Loretta Jasper.

While they were used to welcoming people into their home, the pandemic forced visitors to stop on the porch. But the women and families who visit are now welcomed by a box of meals packed by a team of volunteers to then take home at no cost.

“Our feeding program is designed to help every household with the ability to not have to be concerned about feeding their household. So that they can then hopefully stay in better stead with covering their rent, the utilities, their payments that sort of thing,” said Sister Loretta Jasper.

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to have them as this week’s, “Wins for Kansas” and award them a $500 check.

“The DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers would like to thank Neighbor To Neighbor for the amazing work it’s doing feeding those in need. We’re very excited to help,” said Dustin DeVaughn of DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers.

“We are truly, truly appreciative KAKE and DeVaughn James for being recipients of this grant. What this is doing and providing for us is the ability to continue to focus in on providing folks with food in their households and also to tend to some of the bubbling needs that have come up during the pandemic,” said Sister Loretta Jasper.