BANNER ELK, N.C. (KAKE) – A Wildlife group in North Carolina is offering a $10,000 reward for information after more than a dozen bears with missing limbs have been spotted in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Help Asheville Bears on Monday posted a plea for help and a photo of one bear with a missing front leg. The organization is asking for everyone in the Banner Elk area to spread the word to help find the person or people responsible. 

Another bear was spotted with a missing limb in the same area. The group says a total of 15 bears with missing limbs have been found within a 90-mile radius of Asheville, about 70 miles southwest of Banner Elk. 

Anyone who spots injured bears is asked to contact the organization. There is a $10,000 reward for anonymous tips about any illegal trapping or poaching of bears. 

An online petition to stop the sale of foot holds and leg traps had more than 118,000 signatures Friday morning.