7:05 p.m.: Both Marion County and Harvey County are now reporting their 3rd COVID-19 positive case. Also, Reno County has reported its 11th case.

1:30 p.m.

Rooks County is now reporting its first case of coronavirus in that county.

Emergency managers say a test kit sent to LabCorp on March 27 returned a presumptive-positive result Sunday morning. The result will be verified by the CDC lab and treated as positive, pending confirmation. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment continues to treat presumptive-positive cases as positive, as well.

The patient has been notified and has been in home isolation since the illness started, according to the county. 

This Rooks County case would move the number of coronavirus cases in Kansas to at least 748. The KDHE reports 747 cases as of its latest update.

12:00 p.m.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reports 747 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Kansas as of noon Sunday. That's an increase of 49 cases since the update at noon Saturday. It's also the lowest number of new cases since last Monday, March 30, which also reported 49 new cases.

Sedgwick County now reports 108 cases of coronavirus. Wyandotte County reports 158 cases, and Johnson County reports the highest number of Kansas cases with 192.

Data available to the KDHE shows about one-third of the patients with confirmed status required hospitalization from the virus, while two-thirds did not.

Click here for more information from the KDHE, including a breakdown of cases by county.


6:50 p.m. - McPherson county announces its 8th coronavirus case, bringing the state's total to 699 cases.

12:00 p.m.

The number of coronavirus cases in Kansas rose to 698 as of 11 a.m. Saturday, an increase of 78 cases since the 11 a.m. update Friday. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in Kansas rose to 21.

Johnson County still has the highest number of cases, with 185. Wyandotte County has 149 cases, and Sedgwick County, (independent from the KDHE)reports 101 coronavirus cases.

Click here for more information from the KDHE, including a breakdown of cases by county.


5:45 p.m.

Kansas coronavirus cases jumped to 649 on Friday evening, and health officials are reporting two more deaths. 

The Shawnee County Heath Department reported the deaths on its website. That's in addition to seven deaths in Johnson County, six in Wyandotte, one in Leavenworth and one in Sedgwick. 

Data from the Reno County Health Department shows the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 649, the three most impacted counties being Johnson, Wyandotte and Sedgwick. 

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment updates its numbers once each day. The agency's update at 11 a.m. put the number of cases at 620.

12:55 p.m.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reports 620 cases of COVID-19 across the state, an increase of 68 since the state's update on Thursday.

The KDHE's number does not include Greenwood County's first case or Reno County's 10th case. That brings the total to at least 622, 85 of which are in Sedgwick County.

An Augusta elementary school teacher has tested positive, the district announced late Friday morning, but its unclear if that case was included in the state's number. 

The KDHE also confirmed the number of deaths in rose to 17. It's report says 6,454 people have tested negative.

Go to to see the latest data from the KDHE. 

11:59 a.m.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas has topped 600 as another county reported its first case.

The Greenwood County Health Department said Friday in a news release that the person who tested positive is a woman in her 60s who recently traveled. Health officials are working to locate all of her close contacts. 

Greenwood County Health Nurse Vicki Lindsay-Ross encourages all residents to follow all social distancing and hygiene guidelines: 

  • Avoid non-essential trips and stay home to the extent you can.
  • Follow all recommendations regarding self-quarantine
  • Avoid large gatherings (groups of more than 10)
  • If you do need to go out in public, ensure you maintain six feet distance from other people.

The Reno County Health Department reports Kansas has 603 confirmed cases including 17 deaths. See the data here

10:00 a.m.

Health officials in Johnson County are reporting three more deaths due to COVID-19, bringing the state's total to 17.

The health department said on its website that seven people in the county have died:  one between the ages of 40 and 49, three between 70 and 79, and three between 80 and 89. 

Data from the Reno County Health Department says the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas rose to 591 by 10 a.m. Friday. 

5:30 a.m. 

The number of coronavirus cases in Kansas jumped to 571 overnight according to the Reno County Health Department as the nationwide death toll escalated above 6,000. Kansas has reported 14 deaths, the latest in Wyandotte County.

Osborne, Marion, Anderson, counties reported their first cases Thursday.

Sedgwick County has confirmed 79 cases as Sedgwick County officials continue to urge the public to improve its social distancing practices.

A deputy at the Sedgwick County Jail tested positive for the virus and another reported feeling symptoms. Sheriff Jeff Easter said no inmates have tested positive for COVID-19.


6:10 p.m. Osborne County in Kansas has announced its first positive COVID-19 case, bringing the total of cases in Kansas to 555.

5:15 p.m.

A Sedgwick County jail deputy has tested positive for COVID-19 and another employee is sick and being tested for the virus. 

Sheriff Jeff Easter said Thursday the deputy who tested positive started showing symptoms last Thursday and tested positive on Tuesday. The individual is currently self-isolating and all family members have been quarantined. 

The second employee that is presumptive positive has also been sent home and is awaiting test results. Neither of them have a history of travel.

No inmates have tested positive for COVID-19.

4:21 p.m.

Marion County has reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case.

Diedre Serene, the county health department's director, said Thursday that the patient is a woman between the ages of 20 and 44 who has a travel history. Officials have already identified and contacted people who were exposed. They are being monitored for symptoms.

Sumner County also reported its second case, a woman in her 50s.. She's been in quarantine and all contact have been identified and contacted.

Anyone with symptoms should call their health care provider. Those symptoms include a cough, tightness of chest or trouble breathing and fever of 100.4 or higher. 

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported the number of cases statewide rose to 552 on Thursday. That number does not include the Marion County case and the second Sumner County case.

12:30 p.m.

Kansas health officials say there are now 552 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas, an increase of 70 since the state's update on Wednesday. 

The Department of Health an Environment also reported 13 deaths, the latest one in Johnson County, KMBC reports. More than 6,000 people have tested negative for the virus.

The number of cases in Sedgwick County rose by 15 to 79. Johnson County is up to 161 cases, while Wyandotte County has 106. Click here for more information. 

Dr. Lee Norman with the KDHE said Wednesday that he expects to have up to 64,000 test kits that can produce results in 45 minutes. 

7:45 a.m.

According to data from the Reno County Health Department, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas has topped 500.

The report states there are 509 confirmed cases in the state including 11 deaths, but that number does not include a second death in Shawnee County.

See the data on desktop or a mobile device

For most people, the virus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death.


10:00 p.m.

Shawnee County is reporting its second death from COVID-19. It brings the number of total deaths in the state to 12. The county also has 19 total cases with three people recovering.

4:26 p.m.

Finney County in southwest Kansas has reported its second and third COVID-19 cases, bringing the state's total to at least 488 cases. 

The county health department said in a news release Wednesday afternoon that it is working to identify any close contacts with the two people who tested positive. Both are in quarantine. 

Health officials sent the following reminders:

  • Stay home. Follow Governor Kelly’s Executive Order and do not leave your home except to get essential groceries and household items. When you do leave your home, practice social distancing and stay six (6) feet away from others.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes, and clean all highly used surfaces daily.
  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds; use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if washing with soap and water is not possible.
  • If you are sick, stay home except to receive medical care. Monitor your symptoms and seek prompt medical attention if symptoms are worsening.

    The KDHE says one case in Douglas County and two in Crawford County are presumptive positive and not included in the state's overall number.

    2:01 p.m.

    The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas has risen to at least 483 in 41 counties, according to reports from local and state health officials.

    The Kansas Department of Health and Environment said it its daily report that there were 482 cases and 10 deaths. Those numbers did not include Cowley County's first case and the death of a 90-year-old woman in Coffey County.

    The KDHE reports 5,411 people have tested negative for the virus.

    Sedgwick County health officials said Wednesday that eight local patients have recovered from COVID-19.

    11:49 a.m.

    Heath officials in eastern Kansas say a 90-year-old woman has died a day after she tested positive for COVID-19.

    The Coffey County Health Department in Burlington said that the woman died Tuesday.

    Eleven residents of a local care center tested positive for the virus on Monday. Seven staff members of the Life Care Center also have COVID-19.

    "Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the family, friends, and caregivers," county health officer Dr. John Shell said in a news release. "This is the announcement that we'd sincerely hoped would never be necessary."

    There have been at least 468 confirmed cases in Kansas, now including 11 deaths. 

    11:20 a.m.

    The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Kansas rose to 468 on Wednesday morning after two counties reported double-digit increases Wednesday morning.

    Johnson County reported 10 additional cases and Wyandotte County reported 13 more. 

    The rise in cases also include three employees at the Lansing Correctional Facility who tested positive and are recovering at home. Residents who had close contact with the workers have been moved to medical isolation where they will be monitored for symptoms.

    The Kansas Department of Health and Environment's daily update for Wednesday has yet to be released. The agency reported 428 cases on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, health care providers in Kansas are facing financial strains. Topeka-based Stormont Vail Health CEO Robert Kenagy said in a statement Tuesday that cuts in wages are necessary so all staff can continue getting paid.

    For more information about COVID-19, visit KDHE’s website and find Frequently Asked Questions here.

      The Associated Press contributed to this update.


      11:00 p.m.

      Kansas health officials say the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state has risen to 441, with new cases reported in Barton, Harvey, Leavenworth, McPherson, Pratt and Riley counties.

      The total number of deaths is up to 10 after Johnson County reported a new case.

      The patients range in age from under 1 year old to 95. Just under 5,000 people have tested negative.

        Ford and Miami counties are each treating an out-of-state case.

        12:45 p.m.

        As of late Monday, Kansas had at least 374 confirmed coronavirus cases, with nine deaths, according to local and state health officials.

        The number of cases is expected to increase when the Kansas Department of Health and Environment release its daily update Tuesday afternoon.

        Meanwhile, 11 residents and seven staff members of a Burlington, Kansas care center have tested positive for COVID-19.  The Life Care Center was made aware of the first positive test on March 26th. Some of the residents are recovering in the hospital, while others remain in the facility.   

        The seven workers are all at home and won't return to work until they meet health department guidelines. Every employee is screened when they arrive at work to ensure no additional illness is brought into the building.


        11:00 p.m.

        There are at least 374 confirmed coronavirus cases in Kansas, up more than 50 since Sunday, according to updated numbers from the KDHE and four counties. 

        The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported 268 cases early Friday afternoon. As of 10 a.m. Monday, more that 4,500 people have tested negative for the virus. 

        Coffey County reports four new cases at a Burlington nursing home, bringing their total to 14. County officials said all cases in the county stem are connected to the nursing home, and are either workers or residents at the nursing home.

        Barton County reported its first case, and Lyon County reported two additional cases for a total of 11. Health officials in Stevens County said they have one case there, not two as previously reported.

        Local health officials report nine deaths in five counties.

        Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly decided to issue the stay-at-home order for all 2.9 million Kansas residents as the numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases and COVID-19-related deaths continue to grow.

        2:10 p.m.

        The number of Kansans who have died of the coronavirus rose to nine on Monday after Sedgwick and Crawford counties reported their first deaths.

        In Sedgwick County, a man in his 60s from Haysville died on Sunday, according to a release from the county commission. He had underlying heath conditions and had been hospitalized since last week. Read more here.

        The Crawford County Health Department said in a release that a woman in her 40s passed away at an area emergency room. COVID-19 testing was performed post-mortem and was positive. It was the county's fifth case, bringing the state's total to at least 335.

        10:23 a.m.

        At least 334 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Kansas, according to the latest information from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and other local health officials. Of those cases, seven people have died.

        That's a jump of nearly 60 cases since Saturday morning, similar to a jump of around 60 cases between Friday and Saturday. Nearly 5,000 people have tested negative. 

        Most of the confirmed cases have not required hospitalization, and many patients are ordered to self-quarantine at home. The KDHE reports 55 COVID-19 cases require hospitalization, based on the 199 cases where information is available.

        The patients range in age from 4 to 95.

        Kansas Governor Laura Kelly issued a statewide stay-at-home order on Saturday, which went into effect at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

        Sedgwick County reports 42 COVID-19 coronavirus cases.