We’ve all heard of home invasions and robberies, but have you ever heard of a home itself being stolen? That’s exactly what happened at a construction site in Wichita. While the loss estimate is around $1,000, what the thieves got away with was priceless. 

When crews showed up for work this week, they walked in to the unthinkable. The walls were gone.

But this is no ordinary house. 

"You can see where people sign their name with pride... Here's Catherine, sending her love to the homeowner with her message,” said Ann Fox.

Fox is the Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity. She was there just two weeks ago when the walls were built in sections by volunteers at Century II.

The 205 volunteers wrote their names, messages of encouragement and Bible verses so that the family who receives the home would always be surrounded by the love they poured into it.

"The homeowners love these messages that are around them. So that's a part of what you lose. We can't get that moment back," said Fox.

If you're wondering why, or how the thieves got away with it, you're not alone.  

“This entry wall to the ground was stolen and then the panels that go down the extent of the garage. So you can see that's a long shot about 32 feet,” said Fox.

They took 5 of the prebuilt wall panels, sheets of plywood, 2x4's and other construction materials, totaling over $1,000 in loss.  

"So if you happen to see a neighbor with some Sharpie writing on the studs that they're putting into a new shed or something, you might want to call Crime Stoppers. Maybe we could retrieve the material that way," said Fox. “I just need to make a plea that if the folks who took these things would consider bringing them back, we're off the site by 3 o'clock in the afternoon and no harm, no foul.”

Crime Stoppers is investigating this theft and looking for the people responsible, so to assist with the investigation, if you have any information or see some of this unique lumber, you’re asked to call them at 316-267-2111. 

“In situations like this, first of all, we want to recover the property, but we also want to make an arrest. If anyone does have any information, all they have to do is reach out to us. We allow them to do that anonymously. And if it does lead to an arrest in this case, they're eligible for a cash reward. We can't stress enough how anonymous our Crime Stoppers program is,” said Kevin Wheeler, Crime Stoppers Coordinator.