Advocates for more affordable housing have been sounding the alarm here in the Wichita area. On Tuesday, a sign of progress for people on fixed incomes. 

The Mennonite Housing group from Wichita provides affordable homes to hundreds of independent senior citizens on fixed incomes, like Sunflower Gardens in Valley Center.  

"They just take good care of us and they love us because they give us good prices and help us out and we help each other," says Carol King, a resident at Sunflower Gardens.  

Other seniors in the area looking for some housing stability are in luck. Land just south of Sunflower Gardens will soon be filled with with low-income homes.

"We've got a waiting list at sunflower gardens of over 50. So folks that are looking to move-in there, I'm sure many of those will be happy to move in here to this facility," says Byron Adrian, Mennonite Housing President. 

On Tuesday afternoon a groundbreaking for Fieldcrest, a new housing complex hoping to offer relief to the community. Including 40 units for people 55 years and older. It should be ready to go by the summer of 2020.