Arrow of Wichita is an outpatient program focusing on substance abuse treatment services.

They're unique to other programs, because the focus is one-on-one.

"There were so many clients that wanted to work on these things but they weren't going to do it in a group setting, so we started Arrow,” says director Kim Peterson.

Since it was founded in 2004, Arrow provides help in situations that can be really intimidating to take on.

"It's a safe place for them to go, to work on recovery related issues, life issues, learn coping skills, coping mechanisms and then go back out into the real world to implement,” says Peterson.

They help link people to other resources in the community as well, like 12 step programs, churches, and peer mentoring. But they also emphasize self-care like yoga, and meditation.

"So that if they deal with something stressful again, they're a little bit more inclined to go towards the healthy behavior in lieu of the negative behaviors,” says Peterson.

They encourage people who are struggling with addiction to take that first step and see where recovery can take them.

"What's it going to hurt to try? If you don't like it, you can always go back. Unfortunately. But, if you're not happy with where your life is, just step out of your box, and try something different."

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