Sumner County Community Drug Action Team or SCCDAT is on a mission to decrease substance abuse.

"SCCDAT is a coalition throughout Sumner County where it brings individuals together who are dedicated to bringing awareness to substance and alcohol abuse,” says grants coordinator Kori Boyd.

And they include everyone in on what they're trying to do.

"We have twelve sectors. We partner with law enforcement, in the schools, we have a parent sector, a faith sector so everybody is represented very well,” says Boyd.

They've partnered with each school in the area and created a youth council with one student from each school to be a representative to spread SCCDAT’s message.

"It's a great feeling. I have three little boys so my passion is deterring youth from this and from the drugs and alcohol in our community. And programs that they can get involved in that are healthy and safe for them."

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners, DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to them as this week's, “Wins for Kansas.”