Fans of the hit show "Stranger Things" are more than familiar with the adventures of a group of kids from fictional Hawkins, Indiana.

But what they might not know, is that the new season of the show features an appearance by some band uniforms from the very real town of Cheney, Kansas.

When Cheney Band Director Travis Johnson opened his email last week, he was shocked at what he found.

Got an email last week that said they were going to be on a national television show, which is unexpected and amazing," says Johnson.

"We were told they were probably going to go to some small town who needed a  couple uniforms and couldn't afford nice ones," says Sabrina Beith.

Instead, these uniforms went from small town Kansas to a big time stage.

"I almost cried because I was so excited that my band uniform could be, or is in a big TV show," says Cierra Harrison.

For the TV show actors and actresses, it may have been just a costume. but to Cheney, it's a piece of history.

"How much us and our siblings and our parents have actually worn it, laughed in it, played in it. That's something they won't be able to understand, but we do."

"All of our pride that goes into our performances and preparation for the season. You put that uniform on and carry that out to the field with you, then to see these uniforms in a totally different light it pretty cool," says Johnson.

Safe to say...this is a new claim to fame for Cheney band members that had the privilege of wearing these uniforms.

"This is going to be my fun fact in the future when everybody asks for a fun fact, this will be it!"