Wichita Public Works employees are patching 50,000 to 60,000 potholes per year proactively using a cold mix of asphalt.

Maintenance Engineer for Wichita Public Works, Aaron Henning, says the patching process takes no longer than 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number of potholes in the road. However, he says going beyond that is a little different.

"It's really the permanent repair that takes the most amount of time," said Henning. "And that could take, you know, a full day."

Henning said during the summer it's easier to patch potholes because of the weather, but also because it allows them to go out and make permanent fixes.

Wichita Public Works has a truck they use in the summer, spring and winter for longer lasting patches that has all the controls in the cab, and it mixes the asphalt on site. The truck has an extending mechanical arm that sprays the asphalt into the pothole and fills it up, while the drivers stay in the cab.

Henning says they received a budget increase of $1 million and that will go toward active preservation. This process tries to prevent potholes from forming, and he said they plan to start the project by crack sealing streets around the city, preventing water from seeping in.

If you need to report a pothole you can do so through wichita.gov using their reporting tool, or you can call Wichita Public Works at 316-268-4013. There is also an app you can use on Apple and Android to report them as well.