Stillwater Police have been searching for Darian Hudson since Oct. 22, 2017. She was suspected missing after not showing up for work at a Chili's restaurant.

Detectives in Stillwater followed up on multiple leads, and through their efforts, were able to track Darian’s movements through the evening of Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. On that date, she was last seen sitting in a wooded area and walking toward an intersection northwest of Stillwater.

By December of that year, a person had attempted to use Darian's debit card at a hotel in Oklahoma City, NBC News shares. This led police to a man, who said he took the card from a purse he found sitting on a concrete sewage container at a construction site that he was working at back in October. 

“A Human Recovery Dog and handler were brought into the area on Monday, December 4,” Stillwater Police shared online. “For two days they searched a large portion of the wooded area south, east and west of the intersection. Some of her belongings were found abandoned in the area but Darian was not located. At this point police have no leads indicating what has happened to Darian or where she may have gone after being seen on the 26th.”

She was in the process of moving to Kansas to return home to be closer to family. 

Family and friends told police that Darian does not have a vehicle. She may be suffering from a mental health crisis, having gone through a breakup, suffering a miscarriage and losing a beloved dog. 

Darian has not been sighted since October 2017. Today, her picture is featured on a deck of playing cards circulating in Oklahoma jails and prisons. The overall program debuted in 2017, with cards featuring 52 homicide or missing person cold cases. 


Missing from: Stillwater, Okla.

Missing since: Oct. 22, 2017

Age then: 23

Height: 5’3’’

Weight: 120 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing marks: nose and ears pierced; tattoo on right shoulder, which reads “birds of a feather flock together.”

If you have information that could help the case, contact the Stillwater Police Department at (405) 742-8357. People can also send a tip to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation by email at [email protected] or via phone at (800) 522-8017.

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