With significant rainfall impacting multiple Kansas towns and more on the way, one of the things you should be preparing is your own home.

Many Kansas homes have sump pumps, which carries out rain water that is collected in a pit in your basement.

“When it rains outside, you have drain tiles around your house that collect all that rain water and take it into the sump pit. From there, the pump will kick on and it’ll carry it right back out to the outside of the house,” said Ken Pyland, a journeyman plumber with Benjamin Franklin.

Pyland said you should regularly check to make sure your sump pump is working, especially before a big rain.

"To check the sump pump, all you have to do is fill up the sump pit with water until the pump kicks on. Or you can reach down into the pit, find the float, lift the float, let it kick on, make sure that it's pumping,” Pyland said.

If the pump fails it's smart to have a backup in place.

"And then there's water powered backups, which don't really require a lot of maintenance at all,” Pyland said. "If they keep your basement dry, they pay for themselves."

Just as important is making sure the water drains away from your foundation. Pyland also recommends installing these extension parts to your gutters.

"You can actually pull them apart and they'll extend pretty far,” Pyland said.

But if your house already has water seeping in, its time to call in the experts.