An early morning fire destroyed an iconic landmark of Wichita's defunct Joyland Amusement Park.

The 'Whacky Shack' caught fire just before 4 a.m. Thursday. Firefighters worked to put out heavy flames for under an hour. The surrounding area of grass and trees also showed flames. The cause is under investigation. 

Joyland has been abandoned since it permanently closed in 2006. 

The Wichita Fire Department didn't release the cause of the fire. It says within the past 5 years it has had 17 fire-related calls to the abandoned park.

Those who were fond of Joyland, like Christian Shomberg, say the Whacky Shack was one of the most memorable buildings at the park. He said, "the doors, when you open it was big memory of the Whacky Shack. It was a big part of the Whacky Shack. Hearing about what happened today is another sad memory of a good place."

Shomberg, who owns Churn & Burn, has collected memorabilia from Joyland over the years and features some of it at his business.