Wichita police have investigated 37 homicides in 2017 and need your help in 10 cases that remain unsolved. Below is information on each homicide of 2017.

January 9 (unsolved): Bernardino Ornelas, 24, was killed at the intersection of Market and 18th Street. Police said cousins Bernardino and Andrew Ornelas were sitting in a vehicle at a stop sign when another vehicle approached and someone inside started shooting. A suspect was arrested, but the case remains open.

February 5: Richard Hamm Jr., 40, was allegedly shot and killed by his girlfriend in an SUV at Kellogg and Meridian. Crystal Rotramel, 30, was charged with second-degree murder. An arrest affidavit detailed domestic problems prior to the shooting.

February 9: Wendell Hendricks, 83, was attacked by his son, police say, on January 24 at his son's apartment complex in the 1500 block of West 23rd Street North. Hendricks died February 9.

March 3: Casey Lawrukiewicz, 16, died in an accidental shooting near Harry and Hillside. A 42-year-old man told police he and the teen were shooting blanks at each other when a live round killed Lawrukiewicz.

March 17 (unsolved): Sandra Flores, 26, was found shot to death in a parking lot at the Westway Shopping Center, near Pawnee and Seneca. Police had said the bullet that killed her could have been fired from a high-powered rifle from some distance away. 

March 18: Kevin Perry, 25, was shot and killed by officers at Lamp Lighter Mobile Home Park near MacArthur and Hydraulic. Police were called to the mobile home for the report of a man who had pointed a handgun at a woman and threatened to kill her and himself. A police K-9 was killed by Perry, police said. 

March 19: Michael Farrow, 17, was allegedly shot and killed by his father at their home in the 2400 block of North Minnesota. Glen Farrow pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison. A fight over school led to the shooting. 

April 3: D'Shaun Smith, 18, was shot to death in the 6200 block of East Orme Street. Investigators believe he was shot after meeting someone to buy marijuana. Mark Holley III, 18, was jailed in Smith's death.

April 9: Micki Davis, 63, was allegedly decapitated by her son's ex-girlfriend at a home in the 1400 block of West Rita. Rachel Hilyard was charged with first-degree murder.

April 9 (unsolved): James Walker III, 31, died following a shooting in the 1200 block of South Minneapolis, near Lincoln and Hydraulic. No suspect descriptions were available. 

April 13: Brandon Nelson, 22, was shot and killed at Kingsborough Apartments at 2724 South Seneca. Police said Nelson made contact with people in a car in the parking lot and was shot. Dawson Slater, 21, and Zachary Scogin, 22, was jailed in Nelson's death.

April 16 (unsolved): Stanislaus "Stan" Saiz, 56, was murdered on Easter Sunday near Central and Edwards. Lt. Jeff Gilmore had said that Saiz was sitting in his vehicle when someone on foot fired shots into the car. 

April 28: Otto Meyer, 86, was fatally stabbed at a home in the 800 block of North Chautauqua. Boe Adams was sentenced to life in prison and, at last update, Yvonne Mosqueda was also charged in Meyer's death. 

May 14: Leonard Childers, 50, was shot near Harry and Fern streets. Police said the victim and the suspect, 31-year-old Jimmy Suttle, were neighbors had had been arguing prior to the shooting.

May 21: Antrese Bland, 21, and her unborn child were shot and killed by Bland's boyfriend, 24-year-old Aris Brown, before he turned the gun on himself. 

June 1: Joseph Seabolt, 18, died following a shooting at a duplex in the 1600 block of South Emporia. Lt. Jason Stephens said a group of people were celebrating a birthday at duplex where Seabolt was shot. Manuel Trotter was arrested in his death.

June 2: Reyona Caldwell, 36, was bludgeoned to death by her boyfriend before he set her house on fire. The case also prompted an AMBER Alert for Caldwell's children, who were later found safe. Dane Wright has pleaded guilty in the case.

June 17: Erik Vasquez, 25, died in a shooting in a strip mall parking lot near 13th and Bluff. Police said Vasquez was sitting in a vehicle when two groups on opposite ends of the parking lot started shooting at each other. Keandre Summers, 22, and Jeremy Levy Jr., 18, were arrested.

July 15: Timothy Golden, 19, a tight end for the Kansas Cougars, was shot and killed at an apartment complex near Kellogg and McLean. Dakahri Saunders and Ritchie Randle, both 18 years old, have already been charged with first-degree murder. Larry Triplett III, 18, was arrested after a police chase on November 30.

July 16 (unsolved): Arthur Goebel, 66, was killed in a shooting at Lamp Lighter Mobile Home Park. Police said an "unknown male" had forced entry into the home. Goebel confronted the suspect and was shot. 

August 7: Jose Ortiz, 29, was shot and killed by an officer at a home in the 1300 block of North Wellington Place. Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said Ortiz was armed with a knife and holding his 42-year-old girlfriend against her will.

August 27: Rocky Simmons, 35, was stabbed to death near South Hydraulic and Jump East. Police said a fight led to the shooting. Jonathan Miller, 26, was arrested in Simmons' death. 

September 2: The remains of Evan Brewer, 3, were found encased in concrete at a home on South Vine Street. Authorities have yet to release autopsy reports, but his mother, Miranda Miller, and her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine, were charged Tuesday with first-degree murder. 

September 13: Dr. Achutha Reddy, 57, a psychiatrist, was stabbed approximately 165 outside his practice in Carriage Parkway. A patient of Dr. Reddy, 21-year-old Umar Dutt is charged with first-degree murder. 

September 24: Craig Churchfield was hit by a vehicle in the 1800 block of South Grove on September 11 and later died. Police determined the case to be an aggravated battery.

November 5: Nakari Moore, 19, was paying a bill at the MetroPCS at 2811 South Hydraulic when he was shot to death, police said. A 16-year-old boy was arrested for murder on November 28. 

November 14: Perla Rodriguez, 42, was found dead in a home near 119th and 21st streets in northwest Wichita. Police said she died of blunt force trauma. Her boyfriend, 37-year-old Travis Becker Jr., was arrested in Olathe and transported to Wichita, where he was charged with first-degree murder. 

November 15: Michael Nelson, 51, was shot and killed near 31st Street South and Hydraulic. Investigators said Nelson was standing outside when a vehicle pulled up, "words were exchanged" and Nelson was shot. Jeremy Honeycutt was charged with second-degree murder. 

November 26 (unsolved): Houng Pham, 62, and Cody Ha, 23, a mother and son who were shot and killed in their home near Douglas and Rock Road. Police said someone went to the victims' home on Saturday night and shot them.

November 27 (unsolved): Hasan Rahman, 26, was shot to death and found in the trunk of his car, which was parked in the 7800 block of East Pagent. He was a delivery driver for Pizza Hut and went missing after making two deliveries on North Williamsburg. 

November 27: Bryena Mcquitty, 25, was killed at home in the 800 block of North Litchfield. Her boyfriend, 33-year-old Aaron Suiter, was charged with first-degree murder and is due back in court on December 13.

December 2: Semaj Chambers, 25, died in a shooting near 9th and Hillside. Police said Chambers had previously gotten into a fight with another individual and was shot outside the home when he returned. Joshua Prevett, 33, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested.

December 3 (unsolved): Daniel Lopez-Silva, 32, was shot and killed outside a home in the 4000 block of East Stearman Court. Police said Silva was by a vehicle in the street when another vehicle pulled up and shots were fired from that vehicle.

December 3 (unsolved): Ralondo Holt, 26, was shot and killed in the 2600 block of East Wilma. Police said was at a home visiting friends when unknown individuals entered the house and shot him. Another man was injured in a nearby shooting that police believe is connected.

December 9: Randy Gibson, 45, was shot while moving his belongings out of his home in the 2200 block of South Parkridge, police said. Jeremiah Mork, 21, was booked for first-degree murder. He's also accused of shooting and wounding two other men.

December 28: Andrew Finch, 28, was shot and killed by a police officer after a prank call led police to his home, an incident called "swatting." Finch was not armed.

Prior to the December 9 homicide, police said the remaining 36 killings were often tied to drugs and 26 involved either handguns, rifles or shotguns. Anyone with information on the open cases is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at (316) 267-2111.

The number of homicides by year since 1990:

  • 2016: 34
  • 2015: 31
  • 2014: 26
  • 2013: 16
  • 2012: 28
  • 2011: 27
  • 2010: 18
  • 2009: 26
  • 2008: 35
  • 2007: 43
  • 2006: 27
  • 2005: 15
  • 2004: 32
  • 2003: 21
  • 2002: 25
  • 2001: 17
  • 2000: 34
  • 1999: 28
  • 1998: 32
  • 1997: 31
  • 1996: 28
  • 1995: 45
  • 1994: 47
  • 1993: 57
  • 1992: 36
  • 1991: 28
  • 1990: 18