A report of an active shooter shut down Goodwill Industries as people showed up for work. At 8:45 this morning someone called 911 to report an active shooter at Goodwill Industries on north Webb Road after shotgun shells were found in a bathroom. When Emily Compton with Goodwill heard "active shooter" she had to think on her feet. 

"I didn't know how serious to take it, and you know you always want to be on the safe side and so I think we took the appropriate action of having everybody exit the building," said Compton. 

Evacuating more than 150 staff and students only took about 2 minutes, but that was just part of Compton's concern. 

"We had some staff that were a little upset, we had 85 people with developmental disabilities that you are trying to keep calm," said Compton. 

 Brittany Cox is a Goodwill student and was concerned when she got to class. 

"It was crazy I didn't know what to think, cause I didn't know what was going and why and if anybody was hurt," said Cox.

Wichita police along with area law enforcement cleared the building quickly and found no active shooter. 

"There were no injuries today which was fortunate with that, no actual reports of shots fired," said Officer Charley Davidson with the Wichita Police Department. 

Goodwill has had Wichita Police Department work with them in the past on active shooter training. 

"We practiced that sort of thing, also we have set up our building so that we can close different parts of it off," said Compton. 

Cox feels the active shooter training paid off on Wednesday. 

"I think they did a good job, no one was hurt, no one was completely out of control," said Cox. 

Wichita police say they will continue to investigate the situation to figure out how the shotgun shells came to be in the bathroom.