Next weekend, teams from around the state will travel to Wichita to take part in a vintage baseball tournament. Even if you're not a fan, you might enjoy this throwback version of the game.

At the Old Cowtown Museum, two hometown rivals take to the field. The Red Stockings and the Bulldozers really did play in Wichita in the late 1800s.
Today the teams are made up of enthusiasts like Paul Klinkhammer.

"It's nice to step back and remember a simpler time," Klinkhammer said.

Along with the vintage uniforms and equipment, the game rules are also old-school. "They're excited to see something they didn't expect to see. There's no gloves, and just a courteous game of baseball," Klinkhammer explained.

There are also no manicured fields. Along with a few changes to the rules, it's still as fun to play - and even more fun for fans to watch.

"It's just as exciting as modern baseball is, just at a different kind of level - little different rules but everyone will recognize it as baseball," Klinkhammer said.

He added the league is open to the public, and plays an important role in preserving our city's history. Old Cowtown Vintage Baseball is a hit with our Wins for Kansas partners, as DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers presented the organization with a $500 grant.