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USD 354

Contact Information:

Darrell W. Genereux, Superintendent 
USD 354
Claflin Schools


We are in the process of trying to implement a program in our elementary schools entitled Accelerated Math,  an individualized computer based program. Some of the items we could use assistance with include the following:

1 -- Accelerated Math Starter Kit  @              $1,899
2- HP Laser Jet model 1200 Printers @            $400 each
Grade libraries for the computer network @  @1,099 each

Donations for Library Materials in any amount.
Volunteers to assist with the elementary Reading and Math programs.

Contributions in any amount to support our secondary activity programs for sports, Music, Dramatics, Art or the library would be appreciated. These would be designated to a specific area for the purchase of books, equipment, miscellaneous supplies, uniforms, etc.

In addition we have a foundation entitled the USD 354 Foundation that we certainly encourage and welcome contributions in any amount.  This foundation is operated separately from the school system.  Any and all proceeds used to support scholarships and other school endeavors are approved by the foundation Board. 

Contributions to the Foundation may be made through the USD 354 District Office.  These should be sent to:  
USD 354
Box 346
Claflin, KS 67525 
or personally delivering a donation to the USD office at 119 Main in downtown Claflin, KS.

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