Century II supporters still working on petition to save building

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Save Century II volunteers are still working on their petition to save the building after plans for the new Riverfront showed that it would be demolished.

The petition Facebook page  has been up for months and the petition itself followed behind. Now that the plans have been revealed, and don't include the five decade old building, supporters of the petition said they are trying to achieve their goal of giving Wichitans a say in if it stays or goes.

"The Kansas constitution guarantees all citizens that all political power is inherent in the people," said Karl Peterjohn, a Save Century II volunteer. "And this petition is a way for them to fully express that power. We're asking in the petition that we have a vote."

Under the proposed plan, Century II would be demolished along with the old Hyatt garage and old library. In it's place would be a new performing arts center, Hyatt garage, convention center, public plaza and five mixed-use additions. You can find more details in the plan in the press release here.

Now, after the plan has been revealed, Save Century II supporters like Peterjohn said it could change the Wichita skyline forever.

"This is a representation of Wichita, of what we are as a community and people want to save those symbols," he said. "This building is a symbol of what is valuable and what is cherished in Wichita."

Something else to be aware of are scammers. People said they have received calls about online petitions and sites asking for money to fund the movement for Save Century II. Remember, the only petition that can be presented to the city is the one that organizers are collecting signatures on, at locations in person. Also, any money donated to the historic preservation alliance, is not done online. Only in-person or by mail.

To be put on the November ballot and go to a public vote, the petition needs about 12,500 votes. Right now, Save Century II advocate John Todd said they have around 800 notarized signatures. You can sign the petition at 435 N. Broadway.

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