Air Capital Commitment: organizations coming together amidst Spirit layoffs

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Less than one week after we got word of layoffs at Spirit Aerosystems, 15 different organizations are coming together to form a task force.

It's called the 'air capital commitment' with a primary purpose of coordinating a strong, unified response for those affected by the layoffs.

Groups will work together to provide resources for both short, and long term needs.

Resources will include everything from job listings and training to credit, utility and food services.

"We want this to be a moment where if you're impacted as a family you don't have to go looking for various where are all the resources and what are the requirements, what we need to do, so we'll be keeping it all at one location and we'll be launching that next week," says Jeffery Fluhr, President Of The Great Wichita Partnership.

For immediate help, folks can head to

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