Spirit workers unite on social media

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Just four days in with more than 1,000 members,  "Aerospace Workers United Against Boeing" is growing fast. Maybe a little too fast for Spirit worker, Chris Jump, who started the page. "Oh my gosh! And overwhelmed because now it feels like I got over a thousand people looking to me that I need to do something."

Jump is a father of four and has diabetes. He's worked at spirit for 9 months. He fears he might get laid off and lose his health insurance. "When my paycheck stops, my insurance stops, how do I feed my kids, how do I get my medicine?"

He felt called to make a space for people just like him. Wondering how Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg leaves the company with at least 60 million dollars in compensation. "He's going off to France while I'm going to the welfare office looking for food stamps, looking for a handout and that's not me." 

The support and unity against Boeing even spreading to other states like Texas and Oklahoma. "And then you start thinking about how big this really is. All the way down to the guy who manufactured the lug nuts for the plane, he's out of work, but nobody hears us because we're way down here." 

Jump says the Facebook group is giving him hope. Offering a place to vent frustration and make plans for their future. "Right now the main focus is everybody needs to stay together and realize that we will get through this eventually." 

The group has looked into getting an attorney, so they can better understand their rights and not step on any toes in this process. But Jump says Spirit is not to blame, in fact he thinks they're also a victim.

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