QuikTrip debit card users may see charges from 2019 this month

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Customers who used their QuikTrip debit cards to shop or buy gas in the last couple of months may see those charges come out of their bank accounts in January. 

Chase Bank said in a statement that a technical issue affected customers who used their QT debit cards and pin numbers to make QuikTrip purchases from November 1 through December 18. 

When you use your QT debit card, Chase Bank takes the money from your account at your bank. 

A Chase Communications spokesperson said the company doesn't know if or how many customers in Wichita were affected. 

The issue was corrected on December 19, and Chase Bank waited until after the holidays to process the old purchases. If you were one of those affected, the spokesperson says you'll see each purchase on your bank account by the end of the month. 

Below is Chase Bank's full statement:

Customers don't need to do anything. As the bank that processes transactions for QuikTrip, we didn't charge some customers who used their debit card and a PIN from Nov. 1 through Dec. 18.    

The technical issue was fixed on Dec. 19, but we waited until after the holidays to process the old purchases. We expect affected customers to see each purchase post on their checking account by the end of January.

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