Wins for Kansas: Kansas Council for Economic Education


A Kansas nonprofit wants students to be ready for life after the classroom.

"In the real world you'll see so many examples of students who might work in a fast food restaurant and don't know how to make change. Which is really sad,” says Jim Graham, the President of the Kansas Council for Economic Education.

So, the Kansas Council for Economic Education is equipping teachers with resources to make sure money matters.

"Our vision is that every K-12 student in Kansas will be economically and financially literate so that they'll be more knowledgeable consumers, wiser savers and investors, better employees and more responsible citizens,” says Graham.

Hosted by the Barton School of Business at WSU and affiliated with all 6 of the state's public universities, they start the financial journey with kindergarten students all the way to that important senior year where decisions can affect the rest of their life.

"We see so many examples of students who get into too much student loan debt, credit card debt, and many of them just don't understand how the system works,” says Graham.

With classes, competitions and more, they help students learn economics in a fun way.

"They're more likely to succeed in life if they're financially literate."

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners, DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to have them as this week's, “Wins for Kansas.”