Youngblood makes huge impact in freshman campaign

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Joshua Youngblood has been a menace to kick off coverage this year. He has three kick returns for a touchdown which earned him Big 12 special teams player of the year honors. 

"It's been a great year you know through the ups and downs," Youngblood told KAKE. "It's just been a blessing to play for K-State."

After an electric end to his freshman season, the 'Cats know they have to work on getting the ball into Youngblood's hands more in 2020. 

"After the fourth game I became more comfortable in the offense and that's just because of the guys around me," Youngblood said. "They let me know that I can play at this level and I can contribute." 

"If it’s handing it to him on the fly sweep type stuff or if it’s throwing it to him down the field, we have to get more out of him so that guys don’t only ask questions about Malik," said K-State Offensive Coordinator Courtney Messingham.