Wichita Animal Action League says "give it time" before returning Christmas pet to shelter

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It always seems like a good idea to get a puppy for Christmas, right? But after the real responsibility sets in, it can be a decision you could regret if you aren’t prepared. Sarah Coffman with Wichita Animal Action League said getting a new pet for Christmas can be the perfect addition to the family, but can be a nightmare with a sad ending if the family isn't ready for the life commitment. 

Although the numbers have been down for the last few years, shelters see an increase in animal returns after the holidays. 

WAAL encourages new pet owners to be patient and give their new animals time to settle in before making any decisions about whether to give the animal up to a shelter. 

"It takes them a long time to settle in. As new as it is for you, it's totally new for them too," said Sarah Coffman, Founder of WAAL. Coffman said to give a puppy or kitten about three weeks to adjust to a new home. 

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