Boxes in front of houses can catch eyes of criminals


Wichita police are warning people about leaving boxes in front of their houses around Wichita because criminals can use those to see what items might be in their house.

"They're looking at any way that they can to get any kind of item that they possibly can," Sgt. Trevor McDonald of the Wichita Police Departments larceny division. "And they'll come into houses burglarize those houses." 

According to McDonald, larceny's are up 1.1 percent from last year and it's higher in particular categories, especially around the holiday's with things like porch pirates. However, he said burglaries are down about 19 percent, but he said people's things can still be stolen because of what criminals may see on their curb.

"They don't even understand that they got the idea from the trash that's out on the curb," McDonald said.

McDonald said to prevent this, breaking down boxes and making sure they are put inside trash cans or trash bags completely is something that can be done. If not, you can recycle at places like PRo Kansas Recycling.

"Boxes will be made into more cardboard into boxes that you can buy your cereal in," said Mary Tipping, a volunteer and board member for the recycling company.

Leftover boxes from Christmas, plastic and paper are all inside their building ready for reuse.

"We need to educate, the U.S. especially, to recycle," Tipping said.

Ted Hawkins is a Wichitan that said he adheres to that message. He brings 20 to 30 boxes every visit.

"It's important to me that I recycle everything that I can," Hawkins said. "It's something I enjoy doing."

According to Tipping, recycling will be beneficial in the long run.

"Eventually our landfills are going to fill up and what are we going to do with all this stuff?," Tipping said. "We're going to live in a world of trash."

PRo Kansas Recycling is open for drop offs Tuesday and Thursday from 1-4 p.m.

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