Kansas authorities, kids arrest the Grinch at Walmart

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A sheriff's office in northwest Kansas jumped into action when they got a report of the Grinch harassing customers at a local Walmart. 

The Sherman County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook Monday night that the Grinch was insulting customers and kept "throwing onions and garlic at them." 

"With the way the Grinch was acting, the Sheriff put out a call to the young Citizens of Sherman County for help. Arriving at the Walmart Store, the Sheriff, Undersheriff and Deputies called all the young Citizens together and swore them in forming the Grinch Patrol."

The sheriff's office told the Grinch Patrol that they were going to use sweetness to capture him. After being sworn in and armed with candy canes, the patrol set out to find and apprehend the Grinch. 

"After searching the store the Grinch Patrol found the Grinch throwing toys. Because of the Grinch Patrol’s quick action, they were able to surround the Grinch and kept him captive until the Sheriff and Deputies were able to catch up."

The Grinch was arrested and placed in "Police Protective Christmas." But before the Grinch was placed in the patrol vehicle, the patrol gave him a group hug. 

"Grinch said I feel funny and my heart was beating loud. The Grinch was booked into the Sherman County Bastille and will be held until the heart grows two sizes."

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