Arc of Sedgwick County hosts Christmas party for kids with special needs

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750 kids had a blast today at the Arc of Sedgwick County Christmas party.

And it was much more than just a dance party teaching the students the importance of inclusion.

"Not only is it important for these kids to see in their schools how important it is to include those with special needs but its also good for them to see other schools are doing it too. It is the cool thing to do. being inclusive is fun and when they're surrounded by each other and seeing that i think the message really drives home," says Caywood.

Special projects coordinator Krystian Caywood knows the value behind events like these goes far beyond the fun.

 I can throw a big party i can throw out prizes and candy but to see these friendships that are created to know that they're real and genuine that's really special

At the end of the day...Caywood wants these kids to feel the joy of carefree dancing, and for others to remember that they are just like us.

"So many times we assume that a child with disabilities cant go into a loud room or they're probably not going to enjoy it or maybe we just shouldn't invite them to a birthday party and that's not true at all. They are just like us and we want them to feel that way."

8th grader Aubrynn Lindsey says the beginning of inclusion is much more simple than you might think.

"It doesn't matter who you are you can just be you and be friends with anybody," says Lindsey.

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