ON YOUR SIDE: Full Refund for Moving Problems

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Buying a new home is a big enough expense without running into problems that cost even more money. It's a holiday hassle one local woman ran into when it came to the moving company she'd hired. 

"We thought, what a great idea...get a POD...Set it out here, load it. They take it down there, unload it. How easy can that be?" said Rella Newman of Wichita.

But when was talking to the delivery driver of PODS about the size requirements of driveways, she just knew she had a problem on her hands. Her new driveway of her new home wouldn't fit the pod.

"I called PODS to cancel. It wasn't going to work."

While, two days after drop off, PODS came and picked up that unused container, the charges for services she didn't use kept coming out of her bank account.

"Here we are, it's Christmas time. $416 for something we didn't use. So we called you."

Newman is happy to pay the drop fee for the pod but she asked for a refund for the month of storage and pick up.

"I called probably every day...the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and especially the 23rd when that extra money hit."

Still...no refund. So KAKE News made the calls and it wasn't long before PODS called back and granted Rella a full refund. In a statement to KAKE News the company said in part:

"At PODS we strive to deliver superior service to all of our customers.We have reached out to inform her that her refund has been initiated, and we consider this situation to be resolved."

An appreciated gesture as she prepares to move into her new house just in time for the holidays. 

If you plan on using pods in your next move, there are size requirements so the trucks can get into your driveway so make sure to call ahead and get those details. Here's a link to their site.