Wins for Kansas: Mt. Hope Sanctuary

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In McPherson, is a sanctuary for women and children who need help.

"For whatever reason, if they find themselves homeless and they need some help getting back on their feet, they can apply to come to Mt. Hope and live there,” says executive director Julie Holloway.

The Mt. Hope Sanctuary is a transitional home that ministers to women not only in the McPherson area, but from all over and for lots of reasons.

"Women can be homeless for many reasons. You have addictions, you have abandonment, divorce, generational poverty. It doesn't matter what it is, we're just there to try and help them,” says Holloway.

They provide programs to help with cooking skills, grocery shopping, and even those fun skills women might want to learn.

"We had one gal that wanted to learn how to play the violin. So, we found someone that would donate their time and teach her the violin, they actually donated a violin to her."

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to them as this week's, “Wins for Kansas.”