Wichita golfers rally after coyotes attack beloved dog 'Divot'

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"Divot, his whole job is kinda patrolling the course," said golfer Bart Patterson. "He takes care of the geese and the squirrels."

Divot the dog has been part of Wichita's golf community for almost nine years, since Sim Park groundskeeper Grant West took the dog in.

"He interacts with all of us golfers," Patterson said. "People bring him treats out here. He's a fixture of the golf course."

Patterson said that's why he wanted to do something, after Divot was attacked by coyotes a few weeks ago.

"We were all devastated," Patterson said. He said a female coyote had pups near the Sim Park maintenance building. Patterson said Divot and the female coyote got along and would play together.

"The pups is another story," Patterson said. "Somehow, he got into where the den was over there, and they just started mauling him. They were trying to tear him apart."

While coyote attacks tend to happen around dawn, dusk or at night, we're told these coyote pups attacked Divot late in the morning.

"Our little dogs, studies will show, little dogs and cats are the number one prey of coyotes," said emergency veterinarian Dr. Michelle Townsley. Divot was Townsley's patient.

"He actually had punctures to his abdomen," Dr. Townsley said. She said one out of four dogs or cats attacked by coyotes die from their injuries. Dr. Townsley said you can protect your pets by not letting them outside alone at night, and by not leaving dog food or cat food outside. A Wichita city spokesperson agreed, and added that securing trash can lids can also help keep wild animals like coyotes or raccoons from being too interested in your property.

Now that Divot is recovering, Patterson is trying to help Grant West with Divot's medical expenses through GoFundMe.

"He had no idea what Divot, and he and their interaction, means to the golf community," Patterson said.

At the time this article was written, the GoFundMe raised around $1,100 of its $5,000 goal. You can help support Divot's recovery through GoFundMe by clicking here, or visiting GoFundMe and searching for "Help Divot with his Vet expenses."

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