Local non-profit in need after theft

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Grills stolen from local organization Grills stolen from local organization

After a recent theft of a local non-profit organization that provides free breakfast and flights for kids every month, they’re now facing extra challenges.

Just two weeks before their monthly fly-in, six grills were stolen out of the EAA Chapter 88’s trailer near Webb and K96.

“You feel violated. Anytime anyone breaks into your car or your home, wherever, it’s not a good situation,” said Bob Blanton, EAA Chapter 88 Treasurer.

The grills are essential to their operation. Without them, they can no longer provide breakfast to the young eagles, what they call the kids they give flights to. 

“We’ve cooked a lot of food on them for a lot of people. A lot of kids,” said Blanton. 

While theft is something that happens all too often, Blanton can’t quite figure out why someone would commit a crime like this. 

“The grills aren’t worth that much money used. You know. But to go buy new ones is expensive. You feel violated,” said Blanton. 

As much as an incident like this can hurt a small non-profit organization, Blanton said he has just one message for the thieves.

“Please return it. No questions asked. And you don’t need to clean them either because they may not have been as clean as we’d want them,” said Blanton.

If you recognize the grills or see them anywhere, you’re asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.

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