WPD warns against leaving unsecured guns in cars

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The Wichita Police Department is urging gun owners to lock up their guns after seeing an increase in thefts over the last two months. 

"I don't know that it's people saying 'that car has a gun in it, I'm going to break into it,' said Lieutenant Scott Brunow, "Cars are being broken into for wallets, purses, cellphones and guns are just being found."

Overall, the number of gun thefts from vehicles is down this year, but police said the increase in October and November is cause for concern. 

In October, 21 guns were stolen out of cars. In November, the number increased to 23 guns. 

"Some areas that are hit a little bit more, but really there's no place in Wichita that's safe," said Lieutenant Brunow. He said it's a dangerous situation that can have deadly consequences. It's not just about keeping belongings safe, but decreasing the threat to the community saying criminal commit crimes with stolen weapons. 

"Deputy Kunze was killed last year by a gun that was stolen out of a car, said Lieutenant Brunow.

Ken Grommet is one of the owners of Range 54, a shooting range in east Wichita. Before the range opened, Grommet spent more than three decades in law enforcement. 

Now, Grommet teaches Wichita citizens how to defend themselves and sells guns, lock boxes, and other defense mechanisms. He explained that part of the defense is keeping weapons secured. 

"We have a responsibility with that to keep it out of the hands of unauthorized people whether it's kids or somebody breaking into a car or house."

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