Wichita police issue 58 tickets in 2 hours on East Kellogg

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Wichita police say officers issued nearly five dozen tickets during a traffic enforcement on East Kellogg. 

Wednesday morning's two-hour enforcement was conducted between Webb and Greenwich roads, a section of Kellogg recently reopened amid ongoing construction. The speed limit there is 40 mph. 

Officer Charley Davidson said 55 of the citations were for speeding.

"As you travel on roadways, be sure to slow down, obey all traffic laws and of course #buckleup every time, every ride!" WPD said on Facebook.

The department's traffic section and Patrol East officers conducted the enforcement.

Two lanes in each direction of Kellogg from Webb Road to K-96 opened about two weeks ago. The remaining lanes are expected to be open by early 2021.

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