Dec. 3 meeting set, regarding Evergy power poles


Evergy, state and city officials are preparing for a Dec. 3 meeting at St. Mark United Methodist Church regarding Evergy power poles sitting in people's front yards.

It's been a headliner in the news for months, and the meeting will allow the public to voice their opinions on the poles standing in front yards near 13th and Hydraulic.

"It's so industrial looking," said Tolla White, a resident in the area of the power poles. "I mean you don't see this in major cities anywhere in residential areas. You will see this outside of somebody's warehouse, you will see it outside of a major company or organization, you do not see this in the neighborhoods and then if you go outside of this area, you're not going to see it in any place else in Wichita."

According to officials, residents that attend the meeting will be given options as to how the lines on the poles can be modified and can give feedback on a feedback form. They will also take questions from the public and have open discussion.

"What was the determining factor of the location for these?," White said. "For something that's not in the immediate vicinity. That's kind of unnerving because it's saying to us, the residents have to deal with it, you're not important or, you can't handle it."

The meeting will be from 5-7 p.m. at St. Mark United Methodist Church, at 1525 N. Lorraine. City council member Brandon Johnson said they are also pushing for legislature regarding oversight of the placing of the poles. He said he expects it to be brought up when the Kansas legislature starts at the beginning of the year.

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