Black Friday in full swing in Wichita

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Black Friday was in full swing Friday morning at the east Wichita Cabela's where shoppers walked the aisles searching for the perfect deal on items.

Outside the store at 4:57 a.m the line stretched into the parking lot, music played and lights covered the outside of the building. At 5 a.m. the doors opened and the line marched inside with some people preparing to do what they've done for years on the biggest shopping day of the holiday season.

"Once we're done eating, we head on out and then of course, if there's anything good on the actual day after, we're there at 5:30 in the morning," said J.D. Zimmerman, a black Friday shopper.

"Typically we get up at about 4:45 or 5 in the morning, start off with the coffee and just hit up the stores," Krysta Culliname said, another black Friday shopper.

Deals, deals and more deals surround black Friday and J.D. Zimmerman said he wants to take advantage of it.

"These door buster deals they got going on are pretty good," he said in reference to Cabela's. "Ten dollars for some shirts and hoodies and fleeces, can't beat that."

Krysta Culliname said taking to the isles that early in the morning is nothing new for her and her family.

"My mom and I come out and it just kind of became a family tradition for the last probably five or six years."

Deals go on at some stores the night of Thanksgiving. So, Zimmerman said it can become an all night event, as it did this year.

"I took a little bit of a break, my brother and I, we went back home, dropped the wife off and then we turned around and went right back out," Zimmerman said. 

This falls right in the heat of the holiday shopping season. Zimmerman said he knows it's early in the morning, but it can be a big help for taking care of things in regards to his Christmas shopping.

"I mean that's why we do it,  like I said, we knock out all the kids shopping and everything in two days basically," he said.

Culliname said it's also a time to spend with family, in a holiday that's designed for just that.

"We just like to be together and hang out," she said. "Get some of the family stuff done before you start getting the stress of the holidays."

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