ICT-1 leader arrested for DUI, program continues

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The ICT-1 mental health program will continue despite the program manager getting arrested for DUI.

Wichita Police arrested and booked 42-year-old Malachi Winters for driving under the influence of alcohol, hit and run of parked vehicles, and hit and run of fixed objects in a northeast Wichita neighborhood.

Winters was the program manager of the Integrated Crisis Team or ICT-1 pilot program, which began on July 31 and ended on October 31. 

A Sedgwick County spokesperson said the county is aware of the arrest and county leaders are dealing with this personnel matter.

Those who educate against driving under the influence were disappointed to learn about this arrest.

"It does not speak well that someone in that position wouldn't realize the consequences. It's painful and hurtful to folks who've lost someone, when someone in a position of note makes that choice, because we really do feel like they should know better," said Jacqueline Green, executive director of the DUI Victims Center of Kansas.

No one was hurt in the crashes that caused damage to property. 

One of the vehicle's owners said, "We forgive him. I don't want him to get any trouble."

The case will be presented to the City Prosecutor's Office.

During today's Sedgwick County Commission meeting, the spokesperson said ICT-1 will return sometime next month. 

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