Virtual pride, man builds city of Wichita in video game


A Wichita man built renditions of the city of Wichita in the video game Minecraft, to show pride in the city he's lived in for years.

Joseph Lawrence made a video showing his renditions of the Keeper of the Plains, Old Town, Century II, the Garvey Center as well as different riverside neighborhood areas and the Wichita flag. It took him 56 hours to finish the entire project.

"The way it's set up, the way it looks, it's just gorgeous, I love it," Lawrence said about the city of Wichita. "It's peaceful, every time I walk, everybody's kind, the sculptures, just the way it looks like, I love it, I really do."

He has other projects he built in the same game that you can see on his YouTube page. However, he said this project including his city is his most prized and he said he wants people to see what he sees when he walks around the city.

"Take character in Wichita," Lawrence said. "Actually picture it as like something more than what you think it would look like, like 'oh it's just a building,' no, just picture it better, like the texture of it, the beauty of it."

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