Good Samaritan brings coffee to Wichita officers directing traffic in the cold

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A man went out of his way to bring coffee to officers directing traffic in the cold as crews prepare to activate the long-awaited traffic lights at Kellogg and Webb Road.

East Kellogg opened between Webb and K-96 on Thursday, and city officials said they hoped to have the left turn restriction at Webb gone on Friday. While waiting for the turns to start, a man was seen walking to the officers with coffee in hand.

Construction on the first East Kellogg improvement project started in August 2015 and includes a redesigned Kellogg and Webb intersection and widening of Kellogg from Webb to Greenwich. A second project, started in 2016 and expected to be completed in 2021, continues widening Kellogg to a six-lane freeway between Greenwich and K-96. 

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