Phone application could make dialing 911 easier

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At the Sedgwick County 911 dispatch center, calls are constantly coming in, and it's easier than ever to get help.

"A lot of folks don't realize that a text to 911 is a very real and now possibility," says the Director of Emergency Communications in Segwick County.

An app called "Noonlight" could make getting help even easier. The user just holds down a button in the app. If they need help, they can lift it up and 911 will be called. 

"It's a good option for individuals who are in a place of danger who really can't get on their phone to talk," says Sedgwick County Sheriff, Jeff Easter. 

The app claims to use advanced technology to get emergency help to your exact location quickly, but Forshee wants people to know that dialing or texting 911 is just as efficient. 

"Dialing 911 gets you through just as fast as anything else. There's no alarm monitoring service, there's no app, there's no vendor that has a faster way into 911," says Forshee.

After the user releases the button, they will have 10 seconds to enter in a passcode if they're safe. 

"I also can see where folks who were just messing around with the app, and then they accidentally trigger it, flooding 911 with calls," says Easter. 

"The fact that you have this app available if you're in an isolated place by yourself whether it's late at night or during the daytime, you might just open up the app and have your thumb on it," says Forshee.

The app and the 911 feature are free.

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