Neil Terry, the basketball managing mayor of Geuda Springs

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Meet the mayor of the Wichita State women’s basketball team, Neil Terry.

“So it really started out as a joke," said Terry. "When I was in high school, my government teacher called me governor, everybody called me governor all the time, mayor. They called me all these official names.”

Now it’s more than just a nickname, the WSU student manager was recently elected mayor of his hometown, Geuda Springs.

“I never thought I would have a mayor on my staff," said Wichita State women's basketball coach Keitha Adams. "But I’m happy and proud to say Mayor Neil Terry is on our women’s basketball staff."

At 20 years old, Terry is believed to be one of the youngest mayors in the state.

“Where all this stems from is my mother. My mom passed away when I was seven and she was really big intro our community," said Terry.

Wichita State women’s basketball coach Keitha Adams knows the Terrys and their love for Geuda Springs best. She was teammates, classmates and best friends with Neil Terry's mom, Peggy.

"One night she was telling some stories and talking about the museum and talking about Geuda Fest and I went to bed that night kind of tickled, thinking ‘Peggy is so proud of where she comes from’," said Adams. "I think for Neil,  he’s just carrying the baton.”

"She kinda showed me to have pride, to have pride in my town and to help people," said Terry. "She was really big into that and that’s what I want to keep going for her.”

Since Peggy passed away, Adams has kept a watchful eye on her children by bringing them into her huddle. Neil’s older sister was also a student manager for Adams when she was the head coach at UTEP.

"Keitha has kind of been, I mean has been family for ever," said Terry.

“We felt like we needed to be there for them," said Adams. "I think the other thing is, when they think of me, they think it’s also a connection to their mom."

Geuda means healing, and through basketball and community pride-the small town of Geuda Springs has kept the memory of Peggy Terry alive.