"Cannabus" stops in Haysville

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On the side of a road in Haysville, sits the Cannabus.

“March 1st 2014, I hit the road not knowing what’s ahead of me,” said Four Twenty Jim, a cannabis advocate who drives Cannabus 2. For years he’s driven across the country talking to interested people about legalized marijuana.

“You can’t have it be a class one narcotic federally and let states sell it,” he said. “Come on, the joke’s up.”

His bus has signatures of supporters he’s met at each stop. He’s pushing for legal marijuana, both recreationally and medicinally, in all 50 states. He also wants people incarcerated for marijuana possession to be released.

Local advocates say that the idea of medical marijuana becoming legal in Kansas, at least, is looking positive.

“The vast majority of people support medical marijuana, there’s a lot of questions,” Michael Webb, owner of Dude Smell This said.

Last week, state lawmakers considered bringing up a marijuana law similar to one in Ohio.

But law enforcement said they’ve seen that it’s becoming harder to fight crimes connected to cannabis. Specifically, stores selling products illegally.

“They’re not reporting, anybody and their dog can come in and buy it, you don’t have to have a medical card,” Sheriff Jeff Easter told KAKE News last week.

Advocates like Jim insist, that legal forms of marijuana are safe and improve quality of life. He hopes his bus conveys that message.

“I got your attention, if nothing else,” he said.

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