High school seniors lay wreath on Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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"All of us were kind of just jittering with excitement, like we we were like oh my gosh like I can't believe we have the honor to do something like this," says Clearwater high school senior. 

Out of 40 students, Nicole Robinson was one of just four picked for an honor of a lifetime. 

"It was a senior class trip they've been doing this trip for 20 years."

A trip to Washington D.C. and a chance to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

"I's really special to me and I was just really honored to be chosen. It meant a lot to represent our school," says senior, Tahnae Keeling. 

Many wrote essays, explaining why they should be chosen. In the end, it was Robinson, Tahnae Keeling, Avery Colbert and Makenzie Macy who stood out among the rest.

"I for the last few years have wanted to be in the military but I cannot because of medical issues, so I wanted to help represent people who are in the military now and were in the past even though I can't serve myself," says Macy.

For Macy, a chance to serve her country, something she says she'll continue to do.

"I'm actually wanting to go into psychology and I'm wanting to either help soldiers with PTSD or help make prosthetics."

For Tahnae and Nicole, a special moment to honor those that have come before them.

"My grandpa, he died before I got to meet him more than once...Just learning about it made me, I want to say made me feel just more connected to them," says Keeling. 

"He was a pilot in Vietnam and his helicopter got shot down and he was killed," says Robinson.

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