Burn barrel fire in Reno County spreads fast


Bill Weimer and his wife weren't too concerned when they saw some smoke in the distance on Saturday afternoon, but just moments later, their home was surrounded by flames. 

"I was on county fire for years and years so i was spraying down just so it wouldn't get up here," says Weimer. 

Hutchinson fire crews were still keeping an eye on the burned area into Sunday morning. They say the fire was caused by a burn barrel getting out of hand because of the high winds.

The Weimer's pet mule knew the fire was spreading fast, so she caused a scene before it could get any closer. 

For some, the fire was only inches away from their door. For others, they're just lucky the wind was blowing the other way. 

"I came home the other day and some people were coming in flying in here saying there's a big fire," says David Powell, he lives closeby. 

The Hutchinson Fire Department wants to remind people not to burn anything right now. The wet spring and dry fall makes for a dangerous combination when mixed with wind and flames.  

Everyone KAKE News spoke to raved about how quickly the fire department handled the situation. 

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