Mother working to rebuild home for sons with terminal illness

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A Wichita woman is working to rebuild a home for her two sons this fall in the city to let her sons live out their lives comfortably.

Heather Sims's two sons have Spinocerebellar ataxia Type 40. It's a terminal illness that affects the brain causing loss of mobility and coordination. Since early to mid 2019 she has been working on rebuilding a more accessible home for them so they can live out their lives comfortably. However, she said it's been hard with inconsistent help. She said some people "bit of more than they could chew" and couldn't follow through.

Although, she said this doesn't mean they didn't receive any help. According to Sims, the community support has been great and the help that did come through has also been great, but she claims about 90 percent of the work has come from her two hands. Now, she said they're making progress.

"It's kind of great, it is a great feeling," Sims said. "We just finally finished our first bathroom this last week and hopefully within the next week or so we'll finish our second bathroom."

Recently Sims received a call she didn't expect regarding the home. An HVAC company called and offered to help her, by offering her a new furnace.

"We're excited, I cried when he called," she said. "It came on a day where I had just made the decision that after Christmas I was going to put my oldest on hospice and stop all aggressive treatment, because he had declined so much and that same day was when they called. So, it was the best feeling in the world."

She said the company may even be able to fix the air conditioning units at the home and her next goal is to finish the backyard. They even have a hot tub there that she said the boys want to sit in. If you want to help out the family, they have a Facebook page dedicated to her two sons that you can visit or you can get a hold of Heather Sims via Facebook as well.

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