Athlete of the Week: Derby's Tre Washington

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The Derby football program has seen countless talented players come through their program over the years. Running back Tre Washington is continuing the tradition.

“Every game he amazes me, he’s just a special athlete,” head coach Brandon Clark told KAKE. “He does something new every time whether it’s receiving, running whatever. He does a good job.”

Washington has helped lead the panthers to another unbeaten regular season and the 1 seed in the playoffs. Tre’s thrilled to be adding on to the history of the program.

“You’re held to a higher standard so you know you can’t do everything that everyone else is doing,” Washington said. “You don’t have time to do everything everybody else is doing because you’re always busy with football. You just have to hold yourself to a higher standard. When you have that Derby on your chest everybody knows so you have to carry yourself well.”

He stepped in to the starting running back role his junior year where he thrived in the Panthers balanced offense.

“I would say around like the 5th or 6th game last year right before the playoffs, right before Maize,” Washington said. “That Maize game I had a big game. I would say right before that I was feeling really comfortable and finally coming into myself as a running back.”

“We knew he was going to be special when he started running the ball he looked really really good,” Clark stated. “His sophomore year he got better. Junior year he became really good. This year he’s just added that leadership aspect to it.”

This season, Derby has left opponents in the dust. Their average margin of victory through 10 games is 43 points. Meaning Washington’s night is done a bit early.

“Tre’s played probably 8 games with just two quarters. He’s sat out the 2nd half just because of the point spread,” Clark said. “He would probably have 3,000 yards if he had played all 4 quarters. He’s only played two quarters in a lot of games. He’s only carried the ball 9 or 10 times a game. He’s a guy that once we start playing 4 quarters he’s going to get the ball quite a bit.”

Derby plays Manhattan in the sectional round of the playoffs on Friday.