Customers rewarded for reporting suspicious activity

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Several Home Depot customers received free tools for reporting suspicious activity and being aware of their surroundings.

This was part of a special larceny awareness assignment with community police officers from Patrol North.

An undercover community police officer walked around the parking lot and looked into cars. 

"During the holidays seasons, as we're approaching, we see a lot of these larceny to vehicle happen," said Officer Paul Cruz. "Larcenies happen really during the day, during the shopping seasons. There's not one specific time that can pinpoint."

The Wichita Police Department partnered with Home Depot in northeast Wichita to raise awareness of larcenies in the community.

Customers, who reported suspicious activity, were rewarded with free tools.

"It's that season. It's the season where people that don't work, steal so you got to be aware of it," said Pastor Larry Barber, who called the store to report the suspicious activity. "I saw stuff that I thought I needed to say something about. It might not have gotten my attention if he hadn't messed with my truck."

"Happen to walk out, seen the gentleman looking at people's cars had to say something," said Michael Asebedo, who stopped the undercover officer. "It probably wasn't a good idea on my behalf to confront him like that. I probably should've sat in my truck and maybe monitored a little bit and called 911." 

Here are some reminders for the busy holiday shopping season:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Hide your valuables
  • Lock your cars
  • Take your keys
  • "See Something. Know Something. Say Something."
  • Report suspicious activity

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