Andover city council will move forward with zoning changes, controversial development

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Andover city council members voted Tuesday night to move forward with an apartment complex development that caused controversy among nearby residents. 

Dozens of community members showed up to Tuesday's meeting to voice their opposition to the proposal. The plan calls for developers to build an apartment complex in an empty lot along 21st Street North and Andover Road next to Cornerstone. The plan also calls for rezoning of the land. 

The city wants to create multi-family housing to cater to more families in Andover, but residents in Cornerstone, a neighborhood that sits next to the lot, said the development will decrease property value, increase crime, and over crowd schools. 

After hearing pleas from several neighbors, the council moved forward with the plan but made stipulations including decreasing the number of units developers can build and limiting the height of the overall complex. 

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