"It means a lot" Gregg Marshall on Doc Rivers' high praise

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Fred VanVleet and Landry Shamet have made Wichita proud early on in their professional careers. 

VanVleet is a starter for the defending NBA champion Toronto Raptors, and Shamet starts for the Los Angeles Clippers, one of the favorites to win it all this year.

On Monday, the two former Shocker stars went against each other. 

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers had a lot of respect for VanVleet, and sang the praises for the type of players WSU creates. 

"I mean he's just a tough little dude, just tough. Wichita State guys tend to turn out that way," said Rivers.  "Mentally tough, very serious about winning and the game. It just seems like that's the make up from that program and he brings that. I love his swag, his toughness and his composure. He's a fun guy to watch." 

Rivers' glowing endorsement of WSU got back to Gregg Marshall, and he's already using it as motivation. Challenging his team...who's next?

"It means a lot. I just shared that with Grant Sherfield, he was in the office and we were talking about last night. I said, 'did you see that ?'," said Marshall. "I just want him to see the words that Doc Rivers is saying about guys that have come through here. And how tough, he kept on saying tough, mentally tough, have some swag and just their desire to win."

"It's already helped in recruiting," said Marshall. "Now it's just a matter of the next guy, whether it's Dexter, Jamie or who else? Who is it going to be? But there will be more."